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These collectibles were offered on eBay.

Bombsight Mark. 15, Mod. 7 Insp. AVM No.5121 Made By Carl L. Norden, Inc. 11/43. Two bids, $1045 10 Year Service Pin 3 bids $26 final
Part of Norden-Ketay Advertising Series in the 1950's 20 Year Service Pin 4 bids $27 final
That's $1.35 a year
Rate End Computer with Radar Converter CP-17/APA-46 installed (to be used with the AN/APS-15 K Band Radar). Unused and still in the original AAF shipping crate. $395 final Unused Norden Bombsight vertical gyro. The tags on the gyro say "U.S. ARMY AIR FORCES A.F.C.E. TYPE N-7, SN No. N28961, CARL L. NORDEN INC. Bottom tag says: US ARMY AIR FORCES TYPE C-1 AUTOPILOT VERTICAL FLIGHT GYRO. Final Bid $83
Pardini Book Sells New for $22 - $52 final M9 Sight Base $787 final
M9B with Reflex Sight 11 bids $1812 final Lukas Harold 8 bids $815 final
Bound Volume of 12 copies of the Insight, Aug '43 to July '44. $97 Special tachometer for checking disk speed $100 Reserve not met
F-111 VSD.  Opening price $500,  No Bids Spare Parts $356 for one.
Rate End portion of the Norden Bombsight with Radar Converter CP-17/APA-46 installed (to be used with the AN/APS-15 and similar Radars) $819. Birthday Greetings - No information.
Plexiglass Paperweight $138 10 Year Service Pin $10
Norden/Boeing Postcard.
Went for $22
Gyro Assembly $77
Reserve Not Met
Original Norden M-9B? bombsight serial #N-11223, complete with its data book and identification tag. Data book shows 3/10/60 as its last operating time and overhaul at Robbins Air Force Base in Georgia. Still in box. Excellent condition. Bid to $1026, 14 bidders, 9/13/99.
Mod 7 Manufactured by Lukas Harold for U.S. Bureau of Ordnance. Sold at $670 after 12 bids. Mod 9 Lukas Harold 1941. $2200
Type M-9B Serial No. l4702. Lukas Harold Corp. Sold at $1384 after 8 bids.
M-9 from B-29. Bid $876, Reserve Not Met
M-9 Built by Victor Adding Machine Co.$920
Popular Science Magazine - Dec 1943. Sold for $11. "How the Bombsight Solves Problems" E for Excellence Pin. Norden 1943. Sold for $130. The number of stars at the bottom indicates how many times the award was made to Norden.
This pin back medal was awarded to an employee of Carl L. Norden Inc. It is the "E for Excellence" award and has "Carl L. Norden/1943" on the back. Old Timers Award. Went up to $18.39 but reserve price not met
Hand Held Tachometer - Plugs into sight to check disc speed. Sold for $247. Instructions for use
This is an original AAF Data Book from a Norden M-9B Bombsight. This book was kept in the holder of the bombsight and was used to document run time and maintenance on the bombsight. $28.
Boeing "Blue Ox" Ad 1943

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C-5A Radar Control Box - Sold for $13.49 Control Display Unit (CDU) - Sold for $16.02
Lucite Cube - 14 bids sold for $106. APS-130 Coffee Mug - Sold for $7.99
Sadie Hawkens Dance Invitation for February 19, 1944 - No information. Progress Report - No bids.
Gray Wolf Patch - No bid. JStars Patch - No bid.
Norden-Ketay Advertisement - No bid.
Insight Magazine set of 4 - $40.95 (2008)        

USN Bureau of Ordnance Tachometer for Norden Bomb Sight - $149.95 (2008)

Norden Bombsight book by Albert Pardini.  Published in 1999, sold used in 2013 for $19.95
C-5A control panel.  Sold in 2013 for $14.95. Museum quality bombsight sold in 2013 for $6101.01.  Most unrestored bombsights are selling for $1500.
Giveaway in plastic.  Sold for $97.00 in 2013. Two United Technologies Norden Systems Coffee Mug Cup Multimode Radar System and M109. $28.79 (2016 no bid)
Norden Systems EA-6B Prowler Baseball Blue Cotton Hat Cap One Size Adjust. $24.99 (2016 no bid) Norden Systems rotary switch # 142201 NSN: 5930-01-040-0293. $1025.00 (2016 no bid)
May 1980 Pub United Technologies Norden Military Electronics Systems Original Ad. $10.88 (2016 no bid) Aircraft Aviation Boeing NORDEN SYSTEMS Omega NAV Control Display panel CDU-701. $148.75 (2016 no bid)
Norden Systems Agusta Westland patch without velcro. Italian eBay. $16.32 (2016 no bid) May 1976 Pub Norden Grumman A-6E A-6A US Navy AN/APQ-156 Radar System Original Ad. $10.88 French eBay. (2016 no bid)
Reprint Norden M-9 Technical Manual 1945 220p. $45.00 (2016 no bid) October 1972 Pub Norden Rapier Low Altitude Air Defense System Missile Original Ad. French eBay. $10.88 (2016 no bid)
October 1972 Pub Norden Multimode Reprogrammable Display Systems Space Aircraft Ad. $10.88 (2016 no bid) October 1972 Pub Norden Grumman A-6E US Navy AN/APQ-148 Radar System Original Ad. $10.88 (2016 no bid)
1944 Norden M-9B Bombsight With Transport Tray Lucas-Harold Serial No. L-9418. Sold for $1700 (2016) Rare Lucite Norden Systems U.S. Army Battery Computer System (B.C.S) Paperweight. Sold for $7.49 (2016)
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